K&N Press Limited
Unit 10, 19 Lyon Road, Hersham,
Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 3PU

Tel: 01932 232307
Fax: 01932 232350

Plant List


High quality scanning

Hell 399 ER A2 Drum Scanner with HighWater Interface

3 x Apple Macintosh computers running QuarkXPress, In Design, Illustrator, FreeHand and Photoshop

Screen Trueflow 3 workflow

Screen 4300 B2 Thermal Computer to Plate System with 50 Plate Cassette

Epson 7,800 Digital Proofing

The above are available direct via ISDN 01932 232442


SRA3 Xerox Docucolour 250 with Fiery Rip, in line hole punching, stapling, collating and booklet making


B2 5-Colour and coater KBA 72

B2 4-Colour and coater/convertible 2/2 perfector KBA 74

SRA2 2 col. Heidelberg MOZPH/convertible perfector

SRA3 4 col. Heidelberg GTOV, off-press controls, alcolor damping

SRA3 2 col. Heidelberg GTO 52 – No. & perforating facility


B2 Cylinder Press – used for cutting & creasing

10" x 15" Platen – used for printing and cutting & creasing


2 programmatic Guillotines

Stahl KD 66/6 KTL Folding Machine

MBO T540 6.4 Folding Machine

Muller 6 station Saddlebinder with cover feeder

10 station A3 Collating Machine

4 hole Drilling Machine

Shrink Wrapping

Auto Counting Machine

Comb Binding

Business Card Cutter


Optimus computer, works production/estimating system


2 delivery vans (plain livery)